Check, change, or cancel your reserved seat tickets

Instructions for checking, changing, or getting a refund for your reserved seat tickets are as follows.

  • Step 1Log in to the JAPAN RAIL PASS site
  • Step 2Select “Purchased JAPAN RAIL PASS” in My Menu
  • Step 3Select “Check, Change, or Cancel Itinerary” in JAPAN RAIL PASS details

You can check your reserved seat ticket booking information below.

Click here for reserved seat ticket booking instructions

See below to check, change, or cancel your registration details for your JAPAN RAIL PASS.

Click here to check, change, or get a refund for your JAPAN RAIL PASS

You can check the reserved seat ticket booking requirements below.

Click here for reserved seat ticket booking requirements


  • The only things that can be changed for reserved seat tickets are the time and travel by shinkansen. Other items such as departure date, etc. cannot be changed.
  • Changes are not available for passengers who have already booked a reserved seat ticket for the same date and time.
  • Issued itineraries cannot be changed or canceled. Please contact a counter to make an inquiry.
  • Changes and cancellations are not possible after the departure time.
  • Changes cannot be made after six minutes before the departure time for any changed trains.
  • Changes are not possible for pre-change trains after the departure time.
  • It is not possible to remove individual reserved seat tickets from the itinerary. Cancellation is only possible by itinerary.

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